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Praised worldwide by parents and experts in the field, Maximize Your Child´s Bilingual Ability is the uniquely empowering guidebook to the bilingual journey by Adam Beck, the founder of the popular blog Bilingual Monkeys ( and the lively forum The Bilingual Zoo ( Beck, a longtime practitioner of bilingual development in children, shares the best of his personal experience as an educator and parent, offering a wealth of actionable advice in this practical and comprehensive road map to greater success and joy raising bilingual and multilingual kids. Maximize Your Child´s Bilingual Ability will enable you to... *Deepen your grasp of the key factors (including the two ´´core conditions´´) for successfully nurturing a bilingual child *Strengthen your efforts by taking even more mindful and effective action on a regular basis *Boost your child´s language development, day by day, and bilingual ability over the years of childhood *Empower your spirit and feel greater motivation, enthusiasm, and perseverance *Experience a more joyful adventure with your child and a richer, closer relationship Praised by parents of bilingual and multilingual kids around the world... ´´There are many resources out there for bilingual families, but Maximize Your Child´s Bilingual Ability is uniquely special.´´ -Ana Paula in the U.S. ´´After reading Adam´s book and putting into practice every tactic suitable to our circumstances, I noticed extraordinary progress in my son´s language ability.´´ -Deborah in the U.S. ´´If you are going to read one book about raising bilingual children, make it this one. We finished reading it feeling really inspired and full of new ideas.´´ -Alex in the U.K. ´´Looks at bilingual upbringing from a different angle. Full of passion, enthusiasm, positivity, and interesting insights.´´ -Jana in the U.K. ´´The most useful, practical, and motivating book on the market.´´ -Arancha in Spain ´´If you are a parent looking to raise your child with two or more languages, look no further. This is the book you need.´´ -Alisa in France ´´A treasure trove of wonderful practical ideas and creative tips.´´ -Julia in the U.S. ´´The perfect guidebook for our family´s ongoing multilingual journey.´´ -Jonathan in Japan ´´An ideal read when you´re expecting, and a good present for future parents to a bilingual baby!´´ -Julie in the U.K. ´´A very inspirational book. A must-read for bilingual families.´´ -Gabi in Argentina Praised by experts in the field... ´´A pure gem! Adam Beck has created a truly wonderful and easily readable book that parents everywhere will enjoy and that bilingual families and children will benefit from.´´ -Dr. Annick De Houwer, leading researcher of child bilingualism and author of Bilingual First Language Acquisition ´´Who but Adam Beck can tie together the complexities of raising a bilingual child with such wisdom, warmth, and wit? He shows how fun speaking another language at home can be.´´ -Christine Jernigan, PhD in foreign language education and author of Family Language Learning ´´I have recommended it often to parents raising bilingual children. Without fail, their reaction is ´Thank you. This is exactly what I need.´´´ -Jennifer Brunk, longtime educator and founder of the popular site Spanish Playground

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