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In the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, something lethal is on the move.  Scuba divers travel from all over the world to visit the little island of Bonaire, with its crystal clear waters and a host of beautiful marine life. After three years in the “Diver's Paradise”, divemaster Boone Fischer thought he’d seen it all, but on a routine afternoon dive, he spots something that will turn his tranquil life upside down. From the arid shores of the ABC Islands to the tropical jungles of Venezuela, and from the ocean depths of the Southern Caribbean to the lush islands of the Northern Leewards, Deep Shadow takes Boone and the listeners on an action-packed adventure filled with danger and suspense. "Every damn sentence in Deep Shadow vibrates with authenticity — whether it’s diving at the edge of an abyss, pushing an open fisherman to its limits in a rough sea, or detailing a claustrophobic smuggler submarine. You can smell the sweat on the bad guys, and the good guys (and girls) never seem contrived. Deep Shadow is accurate, paced like an anxious thoroughbred, and highly entertaining. I can’t wait for the next one." - Michael Reisig, best-selling author of The Road to Key West series.      "The age old adage of write what you know, becomes very important when you write about a technical subject like scuba diving. When you get all the details right, and throw in just the right amounts of action, humor, romance, and suspense, you have a novel like this." - Wayne Stinnett, best-selling author of Fallen Out.     “Deep Shadow has it all—Suspense, Thriller… and a little bit of love. Sullivan is obviously a fan of the culture, climate, and diving in the Caribbean. The way he described each island and each dive that they made is painted in this amazing color that I felt like I was there. Overall, Deep Shadow will probably be up there with my Best of 2018 books. 5 out of 5 Stars.” - Brian’s Book Blog.    1. Language: English. Narrator: Nick Sullivan. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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